March 2012 Meeting Minutes

Jay Wilkes opened the meeting with Rope Mill trail news:

  • The North Side trails are being laid out. The expectation is for 4-6 miles of singletrack laid out in a contour style with long straights and flowing turns.
  • Explorer trail construction is underway with completion expected by the end of Spring. Two bridges will need to be constructed.
  • In response to some recent complaints, Woodstock Police are stepping up patrols in the park. Users observing suspicious activity are requested to call 911. 

Streetfest 2012 is March 25th and SORBA Woodstock will be sharing a tent with Greenprints. Volunteers are requested to man our side. 

Jay continued with more news for Blankets Creek:

  • Parking lot construction planned for July. Going to bid this week.
  • The Van Michael trail will be receiving some grooming at the hands of Ethan Quehl. SORBA Woodstock is renting a mini-excavator for Ethan to widen the radius on many of the switchback corners and adjust the entrances into these corners.
  • Plans are being developed for the new skills yard.
  • Fairbanks Engineering will be performing the annual inspections of all wooden structures at Blankets Creek for $350.
  • We will be submitting a new MOU in April, discussions began about needed changes to the agreement.
  • Boy Scouts will be working on building benches for the expanded Dwelling trailhead as well as a tool locker for the Holler Wall.
  • Still working on the netting for the Wall Ride. Brett will be making the steel supports. 

Jay will be attending the SORBA Main meeting in Knoxville March 31st

Lisa Randall provided a Dirty Duathlon update. A volunteer sign-up sheet was passed around and Lisa updated the MGA contributions tally to $9,600. 

Jay introduced the idea of a club group ride to Oak Mountain in May. 

Jay closed the meeting after a brief Q&A.