SORBA Woodstock’s Mountain Bike Patrol (SWMBP) program organizes and support volunteer bike patrols at Rope Mill and Blankets Creek trail systems. Patrollers provide assistance to hikers, runners, and especially mountain bikers. They give information, provide directions, help with minor repairs, and provide first aid. SWMBP assists in forming new patrol groups, certifies individual patrollers, and helps to provide equipment and medical supplies.

SWMBP's Mission: Promote and support local mountain bike patrollers and groups that inform, assist, and educate mountain bikers and other trail users.

The fundamental goal of each mountain bike patrol is to ensure trail access for mountain bikers. Mountain bike patrols work in cooperation with land managers to meet the specific needs of their local riding areas.

For more information about the Bike Patrol contact the SORBA Bike Patrol Director.

Bike Patrol classes are available at various times during the year and if you join we provide free first aid/CPR training. Once you have patrolled, meeting the requirements, we provide a patrol jersey free! Contact bp@sorbawoodstock.org for more info.