April 2012 Meeting Minutes

Gary Moore opened the meeting by thanking the volunteers and Bike Patrollers for their work in making this year’s Dirty Duathlon a smooth and successful event. Thanks also went out to Lisa and Scott with Mountain Goat Adventures for their hard work and continued support of SORBA Woodstock. 

Charlie and Ken provided an update on the Explorer Trail. Approximately two-thirds of the final loop is cut. Two bridges will be built for the trail in May and will mark the final step to opening the loop. The goal is to have this loop open by the end of May. 

Gary and Ethan Quehl gave an update on the progress being made on the VMT rework. About half of the machine work is completed and there will be two work parties on April 14th and 21st to provide the finishing work. 

Gary informed that Jay will be meeting with the County this Friday to discuss the detailed timeline plans for the parking lot expansion project. Updates and notices about the project will be made available on SORBA Woodstock’s website and Facebook page. 

Gary kicked off a disucssion of the upcoming Pedalpalooza on May 5th. Tim L. provided an update of the vendors scheduled to attend. Chris Wyatt detailed the Skills Yard activities planned which will include skills clinics for kids/beginners, games and group rides. Andrew Yun outlined plans for the Quehl Holler area’s Jump Fest exhibitions and Super D competition. 

Mark Taylor gave a brief update on the Bike Patrol training to be held this Spring and announced that the Woodstock Fire Department will have 8 firemen joining the SORBA Woodstock Bike Patrol. 

Gary closed the meeting.