August Chapter Meeting

Jay opened the August Chapter meeting at the club house.


The 6 Hour Race To sunset put on by Mountain Goat adventures was a great success. We thank all 25 of the  awesome volunteers from parking, registration, vendor organization, set up, break down, bike patrol, course marshals, and crowd control. The race had 313 racers in it this year in addition to the great spectator turnout. The race really had a new vibe with the new parking lot and increased spectators. We especially enjoyed the hecklers out on the trails dressed as Fred Flintstone. Huge thanks to Lisa and Chris Randall for putting on another great event! 


We will be holding our Fall Festival in conjunction with Take a Kid Biking Day on October 5th 2013 at Blankets Creek. Activities will include Kids rides, group rides, festival games, food, and a time trail on VMT. The Mud Butt Academy will also be hosting a swap meet. Cost to sell at the meet is $10 per person and all proceeds  will go to help Peter May on his road to recovery. We hope to see everyone out there to just relax and enjoy riding together.


The Fierce trail is beginning to move again! Charlie is completing the GPS data and map overlay to submit to the Corps of Engineers for review and approval.  So far we have collected about $80,000 for the Fierce trail and fundraising for it will continue. Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities on the Fierce Trail as we begin the building process. 


The Mud Butt Academy will be hosting this years group ride. We are planning the group ride to be hold on the 1st weekend on November. The even will be a multi day event if you would like at Racoon Mountain. More details will be announced via social media and chapter meetings as we get closer to November.  


The Board of Directors has been working on updating the clubs bi-laws and policy's to be current and functional. Those will be presented to the club once they have been completed.  


Last weekend we had a work party on the Holler. We were able to get a mini-ex donated for the weekend and did some well overdue drainage work. The 4ft pool of water has been removed and the trail is now draining well. We hope to get a large work crew up there in the coming weeks to resurface the Holler. Stay tuned for more information.  


The August work part will be held at Rope Mill on the 24th.. We will be working on cleaning up the trails and repairing the broken Avalanche bridge.  


The Board has chosen to add several new positions called Board Appointed Leaders or BAL's. These leaders will be assigned a specific task to carry out for short or long term projects. These new leaders will be valuable to the clubs growth as we expand our trail systems, activities, and members. One of the first BAL' positions that was created is the Fire Rescue Liaison filled by Glenn Bates. Glenn is a former fire fighter and his responsibilities will be to bridge the communicatiuon gap between the local fire department and SORBA Woodstock. We welcome Glenn to his new positions and are excited about taking a step in the right directions to make sure our riders are safe.  


At this time Jay opened the meeting up for open discussion: 

1. Dog emergency plan - Unfortunately we see many dogs on the trails that are over run. We need to understand as dog owners that they can no cool off by sweating as easily as us. Keep you dog hydrated, cooled off , and stop frequently to avoid heat strokes. 

2. Social Group Rides - It has been brought to attention that SORBA Woodstock does not hold any official weekly group rides. Although there have been group rides put on by MBA and other organizations, they have not been well advertised. We have identified the need for more advertising of group rides to bring in new members and recreate a good social/fun community. 

3. Membership Drive - We need to jump back on holding membership drives at both events and on busy weekends. This discussion brought up the need to have BAL for recruitment and memberships. If anyone would like to take on this role, please contact the board.  


Jay closed the meeting thanking everyone for a very stimulating and beneficial discussion. We are excited to see where these new ideas and BAL positions will take us.