September Chapter Meeting

The September chapter meeting and food are sponsored by Paul Hendricks and the Shakker Corp.  

The 2013 Fall Festival will be held on Saturday October 5th in conjunction with Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. Events will include a VMT race set up, adult group rides, kids group rides, a short kids race, food, a swap meet, and much more! Come join us from 9AM to 4PM!  

Jay and John had a meeting with Sherrif Garrison, Chief West, and Brian Renolds about safety issues at Blankets Creek. With the park becoming more popular, there are many new riders that are not aware of safe biking practices. SORBA Woodstock is coming up with a updated list of rules and will have them posted at the trail entrance. We would also like to remind everyone that because we are a Cherokee County Park, the Sheriffs office does have enforcement jurisdiction. Lets make sure everyone is safe and courteous to one another. 

The Fierce Trail will begin to move forward again. We are working to get new GPS maps prepared for submission.The Corps. of Engineers will not be looking at new submissions until after October, so we are pushing to have it prepared by then. We have raised approximately  $80,000 for the Fierce trail. Thanks to all the donors and our own fundraising team! We only have $40,000 left to raise for the trails. Stay tuned for more information on how you can help!

The November group ride is in planning. The tentative plan is for a group ride on November 2nd at Racoon Mountain. More details to come.  

The September work party will be held on September 28th. We will be participating the the Allatoona Lake Clean Up Project. Blankets Creek is a meeting point for the area and will be leading the efforts on our shores. We will be focusing on the Dwelling and South Loop coves as well as shores along our trails. Come on out and help us keep our scenery beautiful!

Gary and his trail crew have been working tirelessly on getting Blankets Creek up to par after our recent rain season. The Bite has been the focus of the work and work will continue there. The plan is to have it opened for the Fall Festival on October 5th. Quehl Holler was worked on and is now open! Thanks to Yuri and Gary for getting the trail open and rideable. We will soon be having another work party to resurface and reshape the Holler. 

Several lost and found items were brought to the meeting including GPS units and keys. Andrew Yun will be taking those items in an effort to find the owners. 

Paul Hendricks presented his line of exercise supplements that could help riders feel and ride better. Check out their products!