July Chapter Meeting

The July Chapter meeting was moved to the first week of July due to scheduling.  

Jay opens the meeting.

On June 25th the Blankets Creek Ribbon Cutting was held with city officials present to officially open the new parking lot. Thank you to all who were able to make it out. 

We will be changing the locks to the club house again for security now that the contractors are out and we have control over our section of the clubhouse. 

Although we do not anticipate another theft as we had a few weeks ago, the board elected to purchase insurance for our equipment. This will help protect our assets and the future success of the club.

The Fierce trail is moving forward. We are currently waiting on the final GPS coordinates to submit to the Corps of Engineers. Once these are approved, let the trail making begin! 

The bridge on Loop 3 of Avalanche has fallen into the creek. We will be building a new 24' permanent bridge based on our approved bridge design. The new bridge will cost approximately $1000. A work schedule will be posted soon so keep an eye out for it on our website and Facebook group!

There are SORBA Woodstock jerseys still for sale for $45 each. Contact Gary Moore for more information.  

The Blankets Creek Race to Sunset will be held on August 3rd from 11AM to 9PM. We are looking for volunteers to help out with this event (registration, set up, breakdown, course marshals, bike patrols, and more!) Please contact Lisa Randell if you are available to volunteer for any amount of time. 

This years group ride will be planned by the Mud Butt Academy. Proposed locations include Mulberry Gap and Fats. More details will be announced as they come in. 

Scott Stewart has been an huge part of Blankets Creek from the beginning almost 13 years ago. He moved here to Woodstock  because of the trail movement in Woodstock. Scott has served as the Trail Director for many years and really made Blankets what it is today. Unfortunately Scott will be moving to Texas due to work and will be leaving us for now. In honor of Scott, his family, and what they have given to the trails, we honor Scott by re-naming the Dwelling Alt line "Stewart's Shock and Rock." Scott was presented with an identical sign he can take with him as a token of all our appreciation. Scott, we hope for nothing  but the best to you and your family in Texas!

Jay closed the meeting.