February Chapter Meeting

The February Chapter meeting was held at Freight Kitchen in downtown Woodstock.

Jay opened the meeting with a discussion and description about the SORBA Summit. Denise passed around a volunteer sign up sheet for the Summit. 

Jay gave a update on the Fierce Trail fundraising efforts. He introduced the Mud Butt Academy mountain biking group who recently wrote and applied for the Bell Grant. We will know more about the Bell Grant in a few weeks. 

Gary spoke about the new "Race Cut" that was put into VMT recently. This cut was originally put in for a Mountain Goat Adventure race and we received good reviews on it. Gary recently changed the entrance to the cut through to make it more sustainable. The work party this month will address the race cut. 

Jay brought to everyones attention who is looking for a new home. Houses are being built behind VMT and some will have trail access. Would be great real-estate for any mountain biker!

Gary gave an update on the construction of the parking lot. The construction has been delayed due to the amount of rain we have received in the last few weeks. The decel lane will be paved instead of the original gravel idea and the construction crews are waiting on the weather so they can pave the decel lane and the entrence at once. Once this is completed, the parking lot can be flipped and final grading can begin. 

Jay gave an update on the Fierce Trail construction. He let everyone know we have received a stop work order by the USACE due to a boundary issue. Construction is stopped until an archeologist study can be completed. The City of Woodstock has graciously agreed to pay for the archeologist study. Once the study ahas been completed, the trail will be relayed out and construction will move forward. 

Gary provided an update on the wood structure inventory for the USACE. Gary and volunteers were able to document all of the wooden structures around Blankets Creek,. We are not in search of a structural engineer with a PE license to inspect and approve the structures. 

The February work party will be held this Friday, February 16th. Work will be on the VMT cut through, Mosquito Bite, and the debris under the Hop Bridge.

Jay closed the meeting.