August 2012 Meeting Minutes

Jay Wilkes opened the meeting with a big thanks to Lisa Randall and Mountain Goat Adventures for running such a great event in this year’s Race To Sunset 6 hour race. The race grew from 207 racers last year to 270. The weather was perfect, there were not any major injuries and many participants were heard praising the event. Special thanks to the Bike Patrol members for their support. 

Jay provided an update on the parking lot expansion. The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners approved $830,000 for W.E. Contracting Company to complete the project. There will be approximately 15 closure dates for the current parking lot over the 8 month construction period. 

The next Time Trial is set for this Thursday for the Van Michael Trail. Free Flite is presenting awards for the time Trial Series at the September chapter meeting. They are providing gift cards for the top 3 finishers in each category and overall. 

There will be a work party on Saturday, August 18th and we will be doing deberming maintenance and closing ride-arounds. Ideas are being considered for repairing the Mosquito Bite creek crossing. 

Malanda announced the fall group ride will be held at FATS on September 29th. More info available on the website. 

Jay informed that we are needing to organize our fundraising efforts for the proposed new Skilss/Yard and Pump Track features. We are in need of approximately $20K for these projects. 

Jay closed the meeting.