June 2012 Meeting Minutes

Jay Wilkes opened the meeting with a discussion of the upcoming Time Trial series at Blanket’s Creek. This is a fun club event offering timed laps over a two hour period on a Thursday evening. No entrance fee is required but a donation to the club is requested. We will be setting up the SORBA Woodstock tent to promote club membership at these three events being held in June (Dwelling), July (South Loop) and August (VMT). Free Flite is the title sponsor and will be providing some prizes. 

Jay continued on to discuss the bridge building project to connect the newly cut third loop on the Explorer Trail at Rope Mill. We will be building a single, double-wide bridge approximately 42’ long. The footer is already being prepared and the build will be on June 16th at 9am. Volunteers are to meet at the Brookshire clubhouse. The lumber for this build cost $3,700. 

Efforts are beginning to develop some fundraising plans to be enacted in the remainder of this year. Upcoming projects such as the new advanced skills yard, pump track and expert trail at Blanket’s Creek will require an estimated $50,000 to design and build. We are also looking into some available grant opportunities to assist with the funding of these projects. 

Jay closed the meeting.