January 2012 Meeting Minutes

Jay Wilkes opened the meeting with a recap of the trail counter data for 2011. Overall traffic on our trails is up 25% over 2010 with all trails seeing some increase in ridership. 

Jay announced the $10,000 donation from Dan Thornton of Free Flite Bicycles will be used to fund the construction of the 1 mile third loop on the Explorer Trail. We will be posting a sign on the trail to that effect. 

Jay continued with discussion points on SORBA Woodstock’s plans for 2012:

  • Parking Lot expansion set for April 2012.
  • Plans in development for the existing skills yard as well as a new skills yard to be built after the parking lot project. We are working on picking up a large number of boulders that have been made available from a local school construction project.
  • Dwelling alt-line will receive at least one new feature and one will be moved to a better location.
  • VMT will be the focus of our efforts in 2012 as we look to improve the flow and sustainability of the trail.
  • Explorer Trail third loop construction to start immediately.
  • Increasing chapter membership will be a focus for 2012.
  • Mountain Goat Adventures will be holding 4 events on our trails this year and has made a pledge to donate a total of $10,000 from these events in 2012. 

Jay explained that the inaugural Southeast Bike Expo in Conyers is looking for volunteers for it’s Feb 25th & 26th event. Volunteers will be given free admission to the event. 

The final discussion was regarding the need for chapter members to get involved with our newly forming Events Committee. We are looking for members to assist in the planning and running of various events throughout the year. 

Jay closed the meeting after a brief Q&A.