May 2011 Updates

The return of Pedalpalooza and the Grand Opening of Quehl Holler are the top news stories this month. We had unbelievable weather this year for Pedalpalooza and a terrific crowd. Special thanks to Malanda and Jeff Murchison for getting this year’s spring festival organized and executed. We had a huge crowd jamming to some tunes and enjoying some great riding back on the Holler. The new freeride/flow trail is proving to be a great addition to the Blankets Creek system. Too many names to thank here, but we were glad to see Ethan Quehl make it out (on crutches) to personally see how much everyone is digging his design. 

Next time you're out on the Dwelling Loop, keep your eye out for the new Alt Line. Unofficially dubbed the "Dragon's Wing" this new advanced section provides an alternate trail that includes a table-top and then three fast, small jumps. This is a one-way trail everyday leading in the clockwise direction. So if you are riding Dwelling counter-clockwise, you'll pass the exit of the Wing first and then come around to the entrance. We will be continuing to tweak and refine this trail but it is ready to start getting ridden in so if you are up to it, give it a go.

Also at Blankets, Mosquito Flats has grown almost a half mile with it’s newly cut section on the northwest side of the loop. While not completely finished, it is ready to ride. We have a few more changes in mind for the Flats and are discussing options for all the traffic flow on the Mosquito trails and for getting out to Van Michael. Stay tuned! 

The pedestrian bridge at Olde Rope Mill Park is in place! The construction company is finishing the access to both sides of the bridge and it should be open for public use in the coming weeks. This, of course, will open up the north side of Little River for us to begin on the layouts for two new trails there. These trails are included in the master plan and the EA that we are currently waiting to be approved. 

The inside word is the EA is very close to being approved by the Corps of Engineers. The immediate impact of this will be the opportunity for us to get started on the beginner loop which has already been laid out for the west side of I-575. We’re very anxious to get this started and are excited to have this option ready to use in the Taylor Randahl system. 

Come join us for a group ride at Tanasi on June 4th. Details are on the homepage.