March 2011 Chapter News

Ahhh, warmer weather and we’re back to our new digs at the clubhouse (warehouse/barn/storage facility, we’re going to have settle on something soon) at Blankets. We had a great turnout this month with many of us enjoying some great group rides beforehand and some tasty grilled burgers and dogs after! 

Jay kicked us off with a preview of the upcoming premiere of the Southern Mountain Bike Summit in Brevard, N.C. We’ll be sending a delegation for three days of learning, sharing and, of course riding (Pisgah, baby, yeah!). If you can make it, it promises to be a great event. Get more info here: If you can’t make it, be sure to hit our next chapter meeting in April for the report. 

National Mountain Bike Patrol will be one of the main topics at the summit this year and our NMBP Director Mark Taylor will be there to gather the info and continue his efforts to organize our Spring calendar. Mark is planning training and certification events for the next couple of months, so it’s a great time to get involved. IMBA-SORBA has also created a new Family Membership add-on for Bike Patrol members that will save you $20/year over the old plan.  Please contact Mark at for more details. 

Most of the news this month centered on all the great work our volunteers are getting done. Blankets Creek has some new signage at the main trailhead and we are working on replacing all the trail signs with the new metal signs to assist all users in getting around in the woods. Shultze’s Chute has a new bridge feature that takes you up and over a large pine tree that fell there last month. We will also be skinning the top of the tree to create a great new log ride. The Wall Ride on Quehl Holler has been started and looks to be an awesome finish to this downhill trail. We expect both the Wall Ride and the downhill trail to open prior to the Dirty Duathlon on April 9th

We have also installed new signs over at Sixes Presbyterian Church. Unfortunately, some folks have taken some liberties in using the SPC as a new trailhead. This cannot continue. The good folks at SPC have always been very gracious in allowing us to use the front of their eastside parking lot as overflow parking for Blankets Creek. Please, if you park there, come back out to Sixes road and ride over to the Blankets parking lot to access the main Blankets Creek trailhead. 

We’re looking to make a big effort at this month’s Work Party (March 19th) at Blankets Creek to get the alt-line finished on the Dwelling Loop. This cool new feature will have several 3’ drops in succession and will provide an exciting new way down Dwelling from the top bench area when riding clockwise (“to the left”). We need everyone we can get this week to make sure we get this done and open! 

Over at Rope Mill, the pedestrian bridge was delayed by the heavy rains last week and we are awaiting news of the rescheduled installation date. The park will be closed that day while the bridge is craned (sorry, no helicopter) into place so keep an eye on our homepage for the announcement of the new date. The rerouting of Rope Mill road and the beginning of the new diamond interchange at 575 and Ridgewalk Parkway has also begun. 

If you’ve seen any of the motorized vehicle activity out on the Avalanche Trail lately, you’ll be happy to know that the City of Woodstock and the Mayor are on this and are developing new Motorized Vehicle ordinances to match those currently in place with Cherokee County. We appreciate the City’s and the Mayor’s support on this issue. 

We have a ton of events and races coming up this year on SORBA Woodstock’s trails. We need volunteers to help make each of these events a success. Please contact Malanda Murchison at to see how and when you can help out. Check our calendar frequently and also Mountain Goat Adventures’ website for more details. And get out there and RIDE!!!