December 2011 Meeting Minutes

Jay Wilkes opened the meeting with a presentation highlighting SORBA Woodstock’s events and accomplishments for 2011. 

He followed that by announcing that the Board of Directors will remain the same as 2011. All officers are returning to their current posts. There were no other nominations. 

Mark Heiman provided a brief recount of the IMBA-SORBA Main Meeting that was held in Gainesville in November. 

Jay informed that the December work party will be at Blankets Creek on Dec. 17th from 9am -1pm. Clearing drains and deberming on the Dwelling Loop will be the focus. 

Jay provided some updates for the Blankets Creek Trails:

  • Thanks to Chris and Richard for the reroute on Mosquito Flats in the area that has eroded too close to the creek.
  • The Dwelling Alt-line is once again under development and will be receiving some additional features in December.
  • All BC trails have been leaf-blown except South, which will remain unblown.
  • The parking lot expansion is now set for an April 2012 construction start. Trail head improvements will include permanent restrooms, storage room, meeting space, bike washes and wi-fi hot spot.
  • The major focus for trail improvements in 2012 will be the Van Michael Trail. Efforts will center on widening switchbacks, improving flow and adding some technical trail features. 

Jay continued with discussion points for the Rope Mill Trails:

  • Charlie informed that the Explorer trail is now complete and open. Flagging has begun on a proposed additional 1 mile loop on this trail.
  • Bill is working on the signage for Explorer.
  • The Implementation Plan for trails on the north side of  Little River has been submitted. 

Jay closed the meeting.