November 2011 Meeting Minutes

Jay Wilkes opened the meeting with discussion points for the Rope Mill Trails.

  • It’s been determined that the mini-ex is not suitable for finishing the backcuts on the Explorer Trail. The Board voted 7-0 to pay Ken Nicks $2,500 to complete the backcut by hand and do the final cut with the dingo.
  • Jay presented a brief outline of some monies that may be available to the chapter in 2012 for funding the remaining trails at Rope Mill.
  • Construction of permanent restroom facilities is planned for the hillside behind the pavillion. Construction date TBD.
  • Jay informed the chapter that the proposed trail leading from Rope Mill to the Aquatic Center will need to be rerouted to avoid the existing road leading to the dredging yard. 

Malanda Murchison informed all that the chapter Christmas Party is to be held at the Crestmont Clubhouse and will be catered by Beetles BBQ. All members are welcome and encouraged to RSVP by 11/14/12. 

Mark Taylor gave a brief update on the Bike Patrol including the need to make the payment for the Fire Dept Bike Patrol jerseys.

 Jay Wilkes continued with discussion points for the Blankets Creek trails.

  • The proposed expert trail will require a wetlands delineation study at a cost of  $1-2K. We are aslo working on the Implementation Plan for this trail.
  • Jay and John Hicks will be attending a meeting on Nov 18th to discuss the details of the BC parking lot and trail head improvements.
  • We are pursuing a standard boardwalk engineered drawing that we can use for all future boardwalk installments.
  • We’ve secured the county rate for the port-a-johns and are planning to reduce to two port-a-johns during the winter months.
  • Some discussion around the current and future skills yards. There are some boulders available from a local construction project. It was decided that we are interested and need a method to transport them.

Jay announced that all current Board members are planning to remain in their seats for the upcoming year and informed the general membership of the process for nominating and electing officers according to the chapter by-laws. 

Jay closed the meeting.