Chapter Meeting Minutes - 3/8/10

Jay Wilkes started the meeting. He discussed the recent meeting with the City of Woodstock that went over the budget and payment schedules for the Taylor Randahl memorial trails. The city approved SORBA Woodstock to start machine construction. Work parties will be scheduled in the future. Not sure on frequency, but will post on website and Facebook. At least one a month.

The Dragon’s Tail Extension is in the works. A work party to complete it is scheduled for this Saturday, 3/14. Also at the Blankets Work Party, we will be measuring the old Dwelling fire road to layout the beginner downhill.

The county has closed on the 5.5 acre tract next to Blankets Creek. We asked Scott Gordon to draw up a concept plan for the new “trailhead park”. Amenities included a large pavilion, permanent bathrooms, bike wash, new entrance to the parking lot and expansion from 75 parking spaces to 185. The county is getting the roads and bridges department to look at the cost of a new entrance.

Kudos to Scott, Chris, Richard, Jeff and others for the next boardwalk section on Mosquito Bite.

The trail marking project is coming along. We have submitted artwork and signs to CRPA to bid out. We will be installing fiberglass stakes (like on other COE, USFS trails) every ¼ mile. Each stake will include a unique number for Fire and Rescue to ID location - Hope to be installed by springtime.

The county has submitted a plan to the COE to clean out the blocked culvert at the entrance. As soon as they get COE permission, they will close the parking lot for a day and clean in out. They will let us know in advance so we can post on the website. Folks will have to park at the church for the day and ride over.

Since last years Bike Patrol covered 2 years of CPR, we will be skipping bike patrol training this year and picking it up next year for new recruits.

The SORBA Main BOD meeting was announced. It will be at the NOC near Tsali. Weekend passes are available at $25 a person. Bunkhouses are limited. We have space for a total of 8 people. 6 are already taken.

The IMBA World Summit was announced again. We have 6 campsites reserved at Petersburg campground. 4 have been claimed. 2 are open. Jay Wilkes will be attending the summit. Woodstock will have an EXPO booth in the parking lot of the Marriott. Attendees are encouraged to help man the booth from noon to 6 pm.

Jay opened the floor for questions/comments. Rob from SOFA asked how he could get involved in helping out with the freeride plans. He would like to see some of the successful features at Big Creek be incorporated at Blankets. We welcomed him to participate and help bring SOFA expertise into the design and construction of new features at Blankets Creek.

The meeting was adjourned.