Chaper Meeting Minutes - 2/8/10

Jay Wilkes opened the meeting at Summits Wayside Tavern with a toast to the new Rope Mill project final approval to start work.

- First work party is scheduled for Feb. 20th.

- Charlie has come up with a new blade dubbed the “Frankenblade” for the Dingo that should speed up construction. The plan is also to use a Tamper machine to tap down the trail.

- We will need all the help we can get and plan to contact our 18 new crew leaders to ask for their help.

- Canyons Burgers wants to get involved with possibly supplying food for work parties. They have also committed to making a donation to SORBA each time someone visits their restaurants and presents their SORBA membership card. 

Blankets Creek trails remain closed due to the freeze thaw and wet conditions.

- The Dragon’s Tail reroute still needs work. The new South Loop extension has been flagged and recently the county received complaints from neighbors about the close proximity of the trail to their property. The county has been out to the site and has determined that the trail does not exceed our boundaries. 

- New gravel has been placed at the entrance to Blankets by the county and they are in the process of getting bids to clear the clogged storm drain. We will make an announcement when they plan to do the work since the entrance will be closed while they are working on it.

- Mosquito Bite left side has remained closed since the flood and we are now planning to build a 48’ boardwalk 3’ wide with some rollers and banks to address the issues there. 

Work on the trail marker project is continuing. We have gotten feedback from the FD and have implemented some of their request. We have decided to use fiberglass stakes for the markers. 

Bike Patrol classes will be held sometime in the spring/summer if needed. All of our patrollers from last year have CPR certifications that are good until 7/2011. 

March 19-21st is the SORBA/IMBA spring Festival and board meeting at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. Please visit for registration details. 

The IMBA World Summit will be held in Augusta May 5-8. We have reserved campsites so let us know if you plan to attend. 

The meeting was adjourned by Jay Wilkes.