Chapter Meeting Minutes - 5/11/09

Jay Wilkes opened the meeting with an update about the Olde Rope Mill Park/Taylor Randahl Memorial Trail. We continue to work on other funding sources for these trails. We manned a booth at the Woodstock Recycles & Rocks to promote our organization and this new trail. The event was a success. 

SORBA Woodstock’s annual Pedalpalooza event was another big success. Thanks to Chris Griffin and others who helped organize this festival. 

Cherokee County decided not to dig up and replace the conduit at the entrance to the parking lot. They will attempt to unclog the existing conduit, which will take less time and money. 

We have tested the trail counters and will be installing them over the coming weeks. 

Jeff Murchison is working on setting up a class for Bike Patrol training, including CPR and First Aid. We are focusing on a date in July. 

Cherokee County has appropriated funds to purchase the trail markers. We will continue to work with them to complete this project. 

We have contracted with Pro Trails to improve sections of the VMT. We continue to plan the building of the downhill section of the old Dwelling fire road as well as the skills yard rebuild and expansion. The South Loop Extension is still in the planning stages. When we are able to devote the time to this new advanced section of trail will depend upon the Olde Rope Mill Park/Taylor Randahl Memorial Trail funding. If we receive the necessary funding for Rope Mill we will focus on that trail first.