Chapter Meeting Minutes - 11/09/09

Scott Stewart called the meeting to order. He then announced the Chapter BOD nominations for officers for the 2010 term. Scott noted that all were carryovers with the exception of Trail Director. He explained that we were splitting the trail director position so there will now be an additional position created. 

The nominations are: 

President - Jay Wilkes

Vice President - Scott Stewart

Secretary - Ellis Alexander

Treasurer - Chris Griffin

Trail Advocacy Director - John Hicks

Trail Director-Rope Mill - Charlie Shultz

Trail Director-Blankets Creek - Dave Hamilton

Marketing/Communications Director - Bill Blount

Bike Patrol Director - Jeff Murchison 

Scott explained that any five members who would like to make a nomination can do so at this time or in writing anytime before the closing of nominations at the end of the month. He then asked if anyone had a nomination. No one replied. 

Scott then moved on to other business:

-Rope Mill is still in the approval process. Work will not begin until at least mid January.

-We have a work party scheduled for Nov. 21. We expect to be working on the rebuilding of the boardwalk and de-rooting Mosquito Flats.

-The lower half of Mosquito Bites is still closed and will remain so until it has dried out. John Hicks noted that we should put up some signage to indicate that the upper half is bidirectional until the lower half is reopened. Bill Blount agreed to create and erect signs as soon as time permits.

-Bill Blount noted that the emergency signage project is on track for completion summer 2010 and we are currently waiting for the leaves to fall so we can go out and flag the locations for the signs and determine emergency routes. An early December date was discussed. 

Scott adjourned the meeting.