Chapter Meeting Minutes 8/11/08

SORBA Woodstock Chapter Meeting Minutes

John Hicks opened the meeting with thanks to Kevin Poske and OutSpokin’ for the great BBQ dinner they provided for the meeting. He also thanked Charlie Shultz and Tom Learman for taking care of a dozen trees down on the trails due to the recent storm.

The Reinhardt MOU will be executed very soon.

The USACOE has authorized Cherokee County to cross jurisdictonal lines to pursue horse and ATV riders who are using USACOE property illegally. This is an important development that will allow local law enforcement to assist in controlling these illegal users that are damaging our mountain bike trails.

Five SORBA Woodstock volunteers helped with the work on the new Flying Squirrel trial at Chicopee.

Cherokee County Recreation and Parks Agency will be installing the new sign at the entrance over the next week. They will also fix the drop off at the entrance from the pavement to the gravel lot. The rules sign will be up soon at the trailhead.

Thanks to Bill Blount for the many creative contributions he has made to help us present a consistent and attractive image for our chapter. He has produced a new trail map, a flyer for the Grand Opening, improved our web site and created a great donor recognition plaque that will be erected at the trailhead in the near future.

Combining the SORBA member database with the IMBA database has lost the connection of members to chapters. This issue is being worked on and will be resolved.

Take a Kid Mountain Biking day is on for the first Saturday in October. Also, the new Trail Ambassador program will be rolled out this fall.

We are looking for a group ride coordinator—any volunteers? Our plan is to alternate each month between work parties and group rides.

The next work party is Saturday, August 16th. We will continue to work on the rerouted switchback.

John Hicks provided an updated on the Greensprints Project which was passed by the City of Woodstock Council members. The SPLOST vote in November will determine funding for this project. If passed it will provide $80 million in funds, some of which will go toward building 60 miles of trails. The long range plans include building a bridge over the Little River at Rope Mill Park and connecting trails there with the South Loop at Blankets Creek.

Discussions continue with the USACOE about our building more mountain bike trails on their property.

SORBA Paulding is doing a great job building new trails. They have helped us in the past and we need to return the favor.

We are exploring building new trails on the other side of Blankets Creek from the parking lot. It will be accessed from the South Loop trailhead and will be an advanced section hopefully with some challenging downhill sections.

The Grand Opening for the VMT is on course for the last Saturday in September. Bill Blount has created an awesome poster that you can see on our web site. We need volunteers to help lead group rides. Cherokee High School will be cooking burgers and dogs. OutSpokin’ and Free Flite will have bike demos that day and REI will have a tent and will be helping with volunteer rewards.

The message was sent out that whoever is tearing out the log crossing at the beginning of the CCW entrance to the VMT—please stop! It is an intentional filter to discourage riders who lack the skills to ride the VMT from entering that trail.