Chapter Meeting Minutes 7/14/08

SORBA Woodstock Chapter Meeting Minutes

John Hicks opened the meeting and asked Ellis Alexander to give an update on the IMBA World Summit he attended in June in Park City, UT. Ellis reported that he was very impressed with the quality of the agenda at the meeting and the leadership of IMBA. While he learned a lot of useful information that can help our chapter be more successful, he indicated that when you compare what our chapter has accomplished to others around the country, we have a lot to be proud of. We are already putting to work many of the initiatives and practices that were taught in the breakout sessions at the summit.

Jay Wilkes gave an update on the Reinhardt College MOU. John and Jay met with the CFO of the College along with SORBA Executive Director Tom Sauret. The meeting was very successful and we expect to sign an MOU very soon.

John Hicks reported on the progress of the Greensprints initiative by the City of Woodstock. SORBA Woodstock is expected to play a major role in this effort. There are 400 acres of property at Rope Mill Park that the City will soon ask us to help them build mountain bike trails on.

John Hicks reviewed the expenses and the funds raised for the VMT.

The next work party will be Saturday, July 19th and will continue to focus on the rerouted switchback and some log crossings.

There is a work party at Chicopee on Saturday July 26th and SORBA will be providing tools and some volunteers.

Everyone in attendance was encouraged to provide their e-mail address for chapter updates.

The Grand Opening for the VMT will be Saturday, September 27th.

A beginner clinic will be held on Saturday, July 19th.

National Take a Kid Mountain Biking will be held the first weekend in October and Bike Patrol members and other volunteers are encouraged to participate in the event.

Cherokee County will provide a sign at the trailhead with the rules for the trail.