Chapter Meeting Minutes 6/16/08

SORBA Woodstock Chapter Meeting Minutes

VP Jay Wilkes opened the meeting informing the attendees that President John Hicks was attending the Woodstock City Council Meeting tonight about the Greensprints long range plan to build trails in Woodstock and Cherokee County.

Jay gave an update about the Van Michael Trail and the efforts to deal with the erosion on one small section along Blankets Creek. He thanked the 196 different volunteers who have spent over 2,600 hours building this new trail. We are targeting a grand opening event in September. We will invite the media, County Commissioners and major donors. REI is working with us on the volunteer rewards program.

Bike Patrol first aid cards will be available soon.

IMBA and SORBA memberships are now one and the same. Some confusion with renewal appeals from both organizations, should be resolved soon.

We will have a new sign at the main entrance in a few weeks that is provided by Cherokee County.

Discussions with Reinhardt College are moving forward to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the College whereby SORBA Woodstock would provide trail design and volunteer help to help the College finish their trail and bring it up to IMBA standards. A bridge across the creek will be a major project of this relationship.

The USACOE has discussed with us about developing mountain bike trails in the Red Top Mountain area. They are very pleased with our stewardship of the Blankets Creek trails and believe that we help them push out illegal uses of their property (ATVs and horses, etc.).

The next work party will be July 19th and will focus on finishing the work on the new switchback created to reroute away from the section that created the erosion problem.

Two Demo Days have been scheduled by local bike shops. Free Flite will be on June 21st and OutSpokin’ will be on July 19th.

Nimblewill is schedule for August. Some question about the date.

When we wind down the work on the VMT we will start alternating between work parties and group rides.