Chapter Meeting Minutes 6-11-07

Wednesday, 13 June 2007 14:00
Meeting Date: 06/11/2007 @ 7pm
Meeting Location : Blankets Creek Trailhead
Number of Attendees: 14
Food Provider: Free Flite Bicycles

Area 51 Update: The COE has informed us that we need to submit an Implementation Plan for approval. This will require a 60-90 review cycle once it is submitted. This Implementation Plan will require engineered drawings for all bridges on the new trail as well as a Professional Engineering stamp for those bridge drawings. Scott Gordon has volunteered to lead up/complete the bridge designs. Big thanks to Scott. Hopefully the Implementation Plan will be submitted within the next couple of weeks. Trail Construction for Area 51 is slated to start this fall (pending COE Implementation Plan approval).

Trail Work Party this Saturday At 8am (June 16). We will be working on a problem area on the Dwelling Loop.

Bike Patrol - We have tubes and powerlinks courtesy of Free-Flite Bicycles. Patrol members please log your hours.

Fundraising - Ellis explained our fundraising strategy plan and is now targeting corporations for gift donations. If you know of any local businesses or work for corporations that have charity donation programs, please contact Ellis Alexander with information.

Women's Clinic - Lisa Randall will be hosting a women's ride clinic this August. More details to follow.