Chapter Meeting Minutes 5-14-07


Monday, 14 May 2007 14:00


Meeting Date - 05/14/2007
Meeting Location - Blankets Creek Trailhead
Attendees - 27
Food Provider - Outspokin Bikes

SORBA Wide Work Party @ Tsali - SORBA Main is having a weekend work party on June 2nd and 3rd for Tsali. SORBA Woodstock would like to send a team up to help. If you have ridden Tsali, you know how much fun it is. Some trail spots are in bad shape and need of repair. Camping is free if you sign up through IMBA. Dinner will be provided as well. Goto for more details.

Bike Patrol - No new news. Tim will resume his bike patrol meetings now that Pedalpalooza is over.

Area 51 update - Members of the BOD meet with the USACOE and CRPA on 5/14 to have a walk through of the new Area 51 trail system. The COE informed us that the approval process to start construction is not completed as we thought. While the Master Plan has been approved and stamped from the main office in Mobile, AL, we now need to submit an Implementation Plan for review. This Implementation Plan will include more details on the actual trail itself along with the Who, What, how and Why of the building plan. All Creek Crossings that will require bridges will have to included PE stamped engineering drawings of the bridge. Once this Implementation Plan is created, the COE will review the plan after we submit a $5000 check to pay for their review expenses. The Implementation Plan review will have to go through Cartersville COE and then through 5 different departments at the COE Main office in Mobile, AL. We are told the review process will take from 60-90 days for review.

Bottom line... we have been held up on new trail construction until at least Fall 2007. SORBA Woodstock BOD and members are extremely saddened by this news, but at least the trail approval process is moving forward. If you or someone you know has any ability to create engineering drawings of bridges for the chapter please let John Hicks know. The sooner we can create the drawings, the sooner we can submit the Implementation Plan to get Area 51 going.

Potential Adventure Race at Blankets Creek - Lisa Randall brought up a fund-raising opportunity of having a 12 hours or 24 hours of Blankets. Participants would raise money via pledges per lap or mile. The event would be very limited (15-20 people) to see how it will work out. Dates are tentatively this Aug. Members at the meeting where very positive about the idea. More details to follow.