Chapter Meeting Minutes 02/12/07


Sunday, 11 February 2007 14:00


Meeting Date - 02/12/07 @ 7pm
Meeting Location - Williamson Brothers BBQ - Canton
Number of Attendees - 27

Revised Entrance to Blankets Creek- The Board of Commissioners meeting for Cherokee County on Feb 6th had an item of the consent agenda for CW Matthews to add a deceleration lane and widen the entrance to Blankets Creek parking lot. Cost for the county is $34,023.19. It's highly likely that this was approved.

USACOE/CRPA Meeting on 2/8/07 - SORBA Woodstock meet with Doug Evans and Amy Cobb from the Cartersville USACOE and Mike Brantley and Steve Ralston of the CRPA to discuss an incident around Lemon Street. The COE received 6 phone calls and a written letter from residents on Lemon Street that a mountain biker had told them it is illegal to hike in the COE land between Lemon Street and the proposed western park boundary. The COE said residents claimed this person said they were part of the Bike Patrol. After interviewing bike patrollers, it appears this person had falsely claimed their credentials and acted stand alone with the wrong knowledge of the land use rules under the COE. Residents are allowed on this COE land via foot travel. Horses and ATVs are prohibited. The COE gained a better understanding of our Bike Patrol and that they are established to Educate, Assist and Inform. They are not there to "enforce" any regulations and would re-communicate this to the Bike Patrol as well as Chapter Members. The meeting also gave us information that the COE is hoping the Master Plan will be approved in 30 days. Keep your fingers crossed!

Bike Patrol Training - CPR/First Aid/ Bike Patrol training will be held on February 24th. 15 members are scheduled. For those already scheduled to attend, please contact Tim at to verify that you will attend. We have to prepay for the classes, so "no shows" are a waste of chapter money. Non SORBA Woodstock members are allowed to attend, but must pay for the classes. Contact Tim for details.

Gold Rush Adventure Race - SORBA Woodstock will again be providing volunteers to assist in the 2nd Annual Gold Rush 24 Hour Adventure Race. The race is scheduled for March 2-3, 2007. Please contact Tim if interested. We need volunteers for daytime and midnight shifts.

Reinhardt Work Party - SORBA Woodstock is waiting to sign a MOU with Reinhardt College for support of their ongoing trail system. Work Parties for the Reinhardt Trail System are being held the 2nd Saturday of every month. Goto for more info.

Boling Park - City of Canton is looking into building multi-use trails at Boling Park. They are currently applying for a $100,000 RTP grant from the government and will match $25,000 to funds if approved. SORBA Woodstock has approached Bill Werner, City Manager, for volunteer help and expertise in helping develop this system. While the project is at least a year away, SORBA will continue to keep tabs on this upcoming project.

"Area 51" new trail status - The Cartersville COE is hoping the Master Plan will be approved from COE Main in Mobile, AL in 30 days. The lease between the USACOE and CRPA has been signed. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SORBA Woodstock and CRPA has been reviewed and agreed upon locally. SORBA Main and the USACOE is reviewing for any additional comments. Upon Master Plan approval, Mosquito Flats extension will have to be constructed first to get to Area 51. This will add 1.5-2 miles to Mosquito Flats beginner trail. Stay tuned for more details as we receive them!