January 2015 Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2105

In attendance: Jay Wilkes, Mark Taylor, Bob Pinkowski, Leigh Pruitt, Gary Moore, Kelly Pruitt, , Dave Saigh, John Hicks and Angela Chambers.

Jay opened the meeting and first on the agenda were the upcoming 2015 SORBA Woodstock Chapter meetings. Angela told said the dates for the year are March 9, July 13, October 12 and December 12. The Chapter meetings will be a combination of social event and Chapter business. SORBA Woodstock hopes this will help showcase more of what our Chapter does to a larger number of riders.

Kelly Pruitt has arranged for first aid training for patrollers needing to renew their CPR certificate and for new patrollers. The date is January 15 and it will be held at the Bridgemill fire station on Bells Ferry Road at 6pm. Kelly is also looking to reinvigorate Bike Patrol by adding a training schedule, groups rides and bike patrol incentives.

We are looking at updating and creating new signage at Blankets Creek and Rope Mill Park. The new Fierce trail at Rope Mill Park will give us an opportunity to review our current signage and see what improvements and additions can be done.

Gary Moore said the January work party at Blankets Creek will involve creating a half-loop cut on the Dwelling Trail. It is expected that this work can be finished that day. More discussion ensued about a Mosquito Flats reroute around a section of the trail that does not dry quickly and about a possible VMT Kevorkian Trail bypass cut. With the addition of a new trail at Rope Mill Park we expect an increase in ridership which will have us looking at fixes on the Explorer Trail and Avalanche Trail.

SORBA Woodstock currently has equipment we are no longer using and we are looking at selling them to increase funds available to the chapter. John Hicks remarked that we will have to see if we can sell the equipment since some of it was acquired through a grant from the county.

The bike wash at Blankets Creek continues to create problems with water runoff pooling at the trailhead and causing muddy conditions. Discussion ensued about whether or not to keep the bike wash open at the trail. This will be investigated in further discussions.

Jay closed the meeting.