November Chapter Meeting

The November chapter meeting was held at the clubhouse at Blankets Creek,

Creative solar has given a donation through Lisa for the amount of $1650. They have also donated a new solar light fixture to illuminate the clubhouse door entrance! If you have any need or want for solar lighting, give these guys a call! 

The board of directors have been working hard for the last 6 months updating and writing the clubs bi-laws and policy. At the November board meeting, a unanimous vote to approve the new bi-laws and policies was made. These updates will soon be published to the public. 

Each year, the board of directors makes nominations on who they think should serve on the board for the following year. This year the board has nominated the following people to serve on the Board of Directors for 2014:

President - Jay Wilkes

Vice President - Bill Blount

Secretary - Andrew Yun

Treasurer - Chris Griffin

Trail Director-Blankets Creek - Gary Moore

Trail Director-Rope Mill - Charlie Shultz

Bike Patrol Director - Mark Taylor

Trail Advocacy Director - John Hicks

Membership Director - Dave Saigh


These are only nominations and are not final. If anyone has any nominations for these positions, please submit their name (with their approval please!) by the end of November so allow for sufficient time to organize a vote. 

The club will be sending Jay and Dave down to Jacksonville Florida this weekend to attend and participate at the SORBA Main meting. 

The Fierce Trail has been temporarily put on hold to allow IMBA to come in and evaluate the terrain. They will lay out a trail for us and compare to what we currently have planned. We hope that bringing in IMBA can bring in a fresh set of eyes to help make sure the final piece of the Rope Mill Trail System is on e to remember. 

These trails are maintained by our great group of volunteers and what a job they do! We realize that many times we want to put our own touches to the trail and do so innocently, but please seek approval from the trail director before any trail building, modification, or maintenance is done. We ask this not to be the rulers of the trail, but because of the many strict guidelines and laws set for us by our land managers and insurance company. Any unauthorized trail building threatens our agreement with the land managers and must be taken seriously. It also brings up liability issues with trail building. All trail work must be done in the presence of at least one certified trail builder who has consent from the trail director.  Unauthorized trail building could (in the extreme) lead to a ticket or even being banned from the park. If you have any work you would like to do, If you have any questions, please contact us and we would be more than happy to answer them.