July 11th chapter meeting, group rides, and bike demo by Free-Flite Bicycles

On Monday, July 11th, join SORBA Woodstock for the July chapter meeting at the kiosk in the Blankets Creek parking lot at 7pm.  Food will be provided by Free-Flite Bicycles, and there will also be a bike demo by Free-Flite Bicyles before the meeting from 3pm to 7pm.  Everyone is invited to attend, so bring your lawn chair and come find out the latest news with SORBA Woodstock. 

Prior to the chapter meeting at 6pm, join us for a beginner/intermediate level group ride that is open to all ages and skill level.  Meet at the kiosk at Blankets at 6pm with your bike, helmet, and water to join this group ride.  Then, stay for the chapter meeting at 7pm after the group ride.   

After the chapter meeting, there will be an advanced level group night ride on South Loop at 8:15pm.  Meet at the kiosk at Blankets at 8:15pm with your bike, lights, helmet, and water.  You should be comfortable with South Loop to join this group ride, and you need to bring appropriate lights. 

Email events@sorbawoodstock.org if you have any questions. 

Pedalpalooza is this Saturday, May 7th, 9am-4pm

The parking lot to Blankets Creek will be closed Friday evening, 5/6, and will reopen after Pedalpalooza on Saturday, 5/7.  All participants should park at the church next door and ride down the sidewalk to Blankets.  Carpooling is highly recommended. 

Join us at Blankets Creek for a full day of activities including bike demos from all of your favorite local bike shops, such as Out Spokin' Bicycles, Free-Flite Bicycles, Roswell Bicycles, Performance Bikes, Reality Bikes with a Santa Cruz trailer demo, MTB Tandems, and Unicycle.com. Leatt Brace will be demoing neck braces, so bring a full face helmet if you want to try one out at the new downhill trail.  All bike demos require a driver's license, credit card, at least 18 years old, and helmets.  If you have a pedal preference, then it is recommended that you bring your own, and all demos are on a first come first serve basis.

This event is free to attend.  Breakfast will be sold to support Nor-Ga Mountain Bike Club, $5 lunch plates will be available from JD's BBQ (a portion of sales will be donated back to SORBA Woodstock). $100 gift card raffle from Van Michael Salon and $50 gift cards will be given away to two lucky winners from REI. There will be group rides, competitions, many prizes, games, music, and fun. Details are posted on the flyer below about two exciting bike give aways from SORBA Woodstock and Specialized. 

Blankets Creek parking lot will be closed from Friday night 5/6 until Pedalpalooza is over.  All participants need to park at the Presbyterian church next door, and carpooling is recommended.  Please ride the sidewalk down to Blankets. 

9:30-10:30am Dice Run Registration (click on the flyer below for details)

10am Beginner Group Ride

11am Downhill Competition on Quehl Holler

12pm Advanced Group ride on Van Michael Trail led by Michael Council

1pm Bunny Hop Competition

1:30pm Granny Gear Race

2:00pm Men's Bike Give Away

2:30pm Women's Bike Give Away (winning ticket holder must be present)


Trek Demo Days at Blankets Creek sponsored by Free-Flite Bicycles

On Sunday, April 10th, Trek and Free-Flite Bicycles will host a day of demos, group rides, and a women's beginner level skills clinic.  There will be a full fleet of women's Trek demos along with Free-Flite Bicycles stock of demos from 9am-3pm.  From 9:30am-11:30 pm there will be a women's beginners level skills clinic to work on proper bike set up, and skills such as shifting, braking, and cornering, followed by a beginners level group ride.  The clinic is free to participants and will be led by Alexis Brown from Free-Flite Bicycles, but space is limited to 25 participants.  Email events@sorbawoodstock.org to reserve a spot.  There will be a women's and a men's advanced group ride at 10am, and there will be a coed intermediate group ride at 1pm.  Dan Thornton from Free-Flite Bicycles will be cooking up some burgers, and you can aslo stop by the Free-Flite tent at 9am to check your bike for proper fit and set up.  Then, at noon, there will be a bike maintenance clinic at the Free-Flite tent to learn skills such as fixing a flat, broken chain, and other basic skills.  No registration is needed for the demos or group rides, so come on out and enjoy the day. 

Free-Flite Bicycles will also be back out at Blankets Creek on Sunday, April 17th, from 10am-3pm with a full Trek trailer demo event.  Group ride times TBD and posted soon.