Rope Mill Park Work Party - Saturday, September 20th

We need a good turnout of volunteers for our Rope Mill Park Work Party this weekend to address several areas including reroute to an Avalanche bridge approach and maintenance items. It's a long list of items that we've been hearing about from riders on the trails and we're asking if you can give up a day (or least a morning) of riding to help take care of them.  The “Fierce” trail has been approved and we want to make sure riders have a great experience on the overall trail system. Afterwards, we can go check out some highlights of the “Fierce” trail.

Meet in the parking lot at 9am. We'll work until 1pm with lunch provided by SORBA Woodstock to follow.

Bring closed toe shoes, gloves, water and if you are allergic to bee/ yellow jacket stings, what you need in an emergency. The bees get feisty this time of year.

See you there!