Bike Patrol Classes are Next Week!


Bike Patrol supports all the trail users at Blankets Creek and Taylor Randahl Memorial bike trails. We Assist and Educate as well as support many events.

The CPR portion of Bike Patrol will take place on Tuesday May 14th with the Bike Patrol training taking place the next day. Both will be begin at 6:30pm at the Blankets Creek Club House. The Chapter pays for the CPR/First Aid training, Bike Patrol course and your first Patroller jersey. All we ask for in return is that you volunteer to patrol our trails on a regular basis and commit to volunteering for at least two of our races/events per year.

New Patrollers must complete both the CPR and Bike Patrol course then go onto the IMBA Web site and take a brief quiz. New and returning patrollers also must signup or renew their membership using the Bike Patroller - Woodstock Chapter designation. The BP membership dues are a little higher but are a fair tradeoff for the included training and jersey. Returning patrollers need CPR/First Aid recertification every two years so check your card to see if you're due.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please contact  Mark Taylor, Bike Patrol Director if you plan to attend or have questions.