Blankets Creek Parking Lot Expansion Project starting Tuesday, Sept 4th!

Not sure if you've seen the flagging tape in parking lot lately or not. But it's true. The parking lot expansion project has begun!

Starting next Tuesday, the trees will be coming down. The parking lot expansion area will be clear cut and grading work will start. The current construction schedule has tree clearing starting next Tuesday and lasting 2 weeks. Grading and storm drainage will be completed by Nov 2nd. A construction site barrier fence will be put up from the portajohns to the "rules" sign near the kiosk. The area from this fence barrier to Sixes Presby Church will be the construction site. No trespassing in the construction zone. Projected end date for the project is 4/29/2013. This should not effect any races or events during that time.

During this construction, the existing parking lot will be shut down for 15 weekdays during the construction schedule but will always be open on weekends. We are working with the contracting company to get construction schedules and will keep you informed of the status and any exact closure dates.

This will be a welcomed change - bringing you world class amenties to a world class trail system.

As always, thank you for your support.

Jay Wilkes

Pres - SORBA Woodstock