Rope Mill: Explorer Trail - Loop 3 now open!

Bridge complete! Thanks to the 12 folks that came out to finish it yesterday evening! Loop 3 of the Explorer Trail is now open for riding! This new loop needs LOTS of tire tracks to bed it in nicely. Please come help!

Signage is in the works, but for now follow the same CW/CCW direction as the other loops in the park. Loop 3 is located across the new bridge (on Loop 2) and over the paved access road. CW and CCW entrances are on the left and right hand sides once you cross the road.

CAUTION! Please watch for CCWSA trucks when crossing the access road across the bridge. CCWSA uses that rode a few times a day to tend to the Sewer Lift Station. They reported to us this weekend that a biker came barreling across the road with earbuds in and almost was hit. Please be safe and use common sense when crossing a paved road.