Taylor Randahl Memorial Trails celebrates its first year anniversary

On May 8th, 2010, the TRMT was officially dedicated by the City of Woodstock. The first 1.3 mile loop was opened that day. Two months later on 4th of July weekend, Phase 2 was opened bringing the trail to 3.5 miles. The remaining miles were opened months later at the Fall Festival in October 2010. 

Over the past year the trail has bedded in nicely and user traffic has been on the increase. Now at 6.5 miles, we are rolling on the first year anniversary of its use. Our Trafx trail counter data shows that the Avalanche trail has now surpassed the Van Michael Trail in use (laps per month). Of the trails we manage, this ranks the Avalanche trail at the #2 slot in use behind the Dwelling Loop at Blankets Creek. Once we add the beginner trail, open the bridge to the other side and the Interstate off-ramp gets complete, we will see even more use. Cheers!