July 11th chapter meeting, group rides, and bike demo by Free-Flite Bicycles

On Monday, July 11th, join SORBA Woodstock for the July chapter meeting at the kiosk in the Blankets Creek parking lot at 7pm.  Food will be provided by Free-Flite Bicycles, and there will also be a bike demo by Free-Flite Bicyles before the meeting from 3pm to 7pm.  Everyone is invited to attend, so bring your lawn chair and come find out the latest news with SORBA Woodstock. 

Prior to the chapter meeting at 6pm, join us for a beginner/intermediate level group ride that is open to all ages and skill level.  Meet at the kiosk at Blankets at 6pm with your bike, helmet, and water to join this group ride.  Then, stay for the chapter meeting at 7pm after the group ride.   

After the chapter meeting, there will be an advanced level group night ride on South Loop at 8:15pm.  Meet at the kiosk at Blankets at 8:15pm with your bike, lights, helmet, and water.  You should be comfortable with South Loop to join this group ride, and you need to bring appropriate lights. 

Email events@sorbawoodstock.org if you have any questions.