The downhill trail at Blankets is not opened yet. Please stay off closed trails.

Our volunteers have been putting in numerous hours during the freezing winter weather to build a new downhill run at Blankets Creek, but the construction is not completed yet.  There are signs stating that it is closed and there is orange tape across the entrance and exit.  There are sections that are not completed and sections still under construction, and if people continue to ride this unfinished trail, then the opening could be delayed or worst case scenario prevent the trail from being opened.  Please respect the signs posted and give our volunteers who are still working on the project some respect and wait until it is opened so that it can be enjoyed for years to come for everyone.  We are hoping for a few more weeks, but it depends on the construction progress.  We will make a big announcement when it is opened and ready to ride, but until that date, please do not ride a closed and unfinished trail. 

On another note, we have had reports of motorcycles and motorized scooters on the Taylor Randahl Trails at Rope Mill.  This is not allowed, and the police department is aware of this issue.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed on trails that are designated for mountain biking, so if you see one, then please try to get a tag number and a description of the person and call 911 to report it.