Trail Markers

You may have noticed we have begun installing trail markers at Blankets Creek. These are the result of a two year coordinated effort between SORBA Woodstock, Cherokee County Recreation and Parks Authority, the Cherokee County GIS Department and the Cherokee County Fire Department. So what do they mean? Improved response time for emergency personnel is the main goal. Once completed if you or someone else needs emergency assistance while in the park and you call 911 you can give them the nearest marker number and they will be able to direct the emergency responders to your location. There will also be emergency access markers. These markers will help identify cut-throughs that will shorten the time it takes the emergency responders to get in and out of the trails.
Once completed the markers will be printed on all of our maps including at the trail head and our website. By taking one of our printed maps with you will be able to see where you are on the trails and identify the quickest way out if needed. Keep in mind the emergency access routes will not be groomed trails. If you take one you will be cutting through the woods and or may pass onto private property. We do not recommend you use them as they are for emergency responders use only.
We are also installing updated signage throughout the park.