Mega Trail Building Party - Sat, Nov. 12th @ Rope Mill

Calling in all favors!!!

We need your help! We have 1.5 miles of backcut and final clean up needed to complete the new 2 mile trail at Rope Mill park officially named the Explorer trail. This trail is named in honor of Taylor Randahl's Ford Explorer truck that would take him to new and exciting trail systems. The trail style is open and flowing - like a Mini Dwelling Loop at Blankets Creek - and will be a welcome addition to the Taylor Randahl Memorial Bike Trail system.

Please join us on Saturday, Nov 12th from 9am - 1pm. Tools and free lunch will be provided. Please bring gloves, water, and closed toe shoes.

If you haven't attended a trail building party this year and enjoy Rope Mill and Blankets Creek parks, please help us out and attend this event.

Thanks for your support.

Hope to see you there.

Jay Wilkes

President - SORBA Woodstock