Dwelling Loop 2010: A Trip to the Moon

Now that the 2010 is over, it's time to reflect back on it. With the close of a year, it means we get to look at all the accomplishments as well as the trail use data. With Dwelling being the most popular trail at Blankets Creek, I decided to sift through that data first. What I found is that a staggering 55,000+ laps were cranked out.

At SORBA Woodstock, we used to put the Dwelling Loop summer months into perspective by saying if you stretched out the number of laps per month on Dwelling (6500+), it was like riding your bike around the Earth...every month. (math = 6500 laps x 4.2 miles = 27,300 miles)

Now that we have the yearly total, we have a new perspective. For 2010, if you stretched out the total laps on Dwelling (55960 laps) in a straight line... its like riding your bike to the moon. (math = 55960 x 4.2 miles = 235,032 miles). Wow!

Remember that the next time a work party is scheduled. Dwelling (and all of BC) sees more than your average ridership. It takes a trendmendous amount of maintenance to handle that many bikes.

Make it your new years resolution...come and help out.