3.0 Miles of trail now OPEN at Taylor Randahl Memorial Trails

Thanks to the persistent passion of our Rope Mill Trail Director - Charlie Shultz, we now have 4 miles open on the first loop - The Avalanche Trail. With the 40+ hour weekly work schedule of both IMBA Trail Solutions and SORBA Pro-Trails,  they have together powered out another 3 miles of machine cut trail at a jaw-dropping rate. Not only machine cut, but groomed into a great ridable condition.

So come check them out! We need the tire tracks to create the line and concrete the path. It also gives you a good preview of the trail - designed to be a race course. Intersections are temporary flagged to avoid getting lost.

Also, as Malanda said in the previous post, we need an army of folks (like 70 people) on the work party on July 17th to backcut and clean up. If that many folks show, we could have the entire 6.5 mile trail open by the end of July!

Come show your support for more trails on the I-575 corridor!

Jay Wilkes

Pres - SORBA Woodstock