May Group Rides

There will be two group ride events in May at Blankets Creek.  Group rides will begin by meeting at the kiosk in the parking lot at 10:30AM on the dates listed below.

May 8th Beginner Ride:  This group ride is open to beginner level riders of all ages, and it will consist of two or three laps around Mosquito Flats and Mosquito Bite and a modified mini section of Dwelling.  Please bring plenty of water, a bike, and your helmet. 

May 22nd Are you ready for VMT? This group ride is open to any rider who has mastered Dwelling and is looking to venture out on an advanced trail.  You should be able to ride at least one lap around Dwelling without stopping to join this group ride.  It is also a great opportunity for riders who would like to brush up on their skills on VMT, such as cornering and climbing.  We will break up into smaller groups on the ride depending on the number of participants and skill level.  If you are an experienced rider, please feel free to join us and share your technical skills with others. 

If you have any questions, please send them to