Blankets Creek - Work Party this Sat, 3/13 @ 9am

This Saturday we will be having a work party at Blankets Creek to resolve some loose ends. First, we will be constructing a new reroute at the beginning of South Loop to avoid a permanent trouble spot. This new section will be tight and twisty through a pine grove. After that we will be working on the Dragon's Tail Extension if which two machines will be cutting all morning. The new berms need to be sculpted and general dirt cleanup from the machines.

Rope Mill is still in progress but not enough trail has been cut to call a work party yet. We are wanting to get these final pieces completed at Blankets so major work parties can be focused on Rope Mill after this one.

Bring water, gloves and wear sturdy boots. Lunch will be provided afterwards .

Meet at the Blankets Creek kiosk at 9am. We will break for free lunch at 12:30pm.