Sorry - We are experiencing technical difficulties...and yes the trails are still closed.

Yesterday brought a ton of folks to the trails to ride with a closed gate. The Hotline said it was open...

That's strange, I know I closed it after the snow ride, but sure enough it was my voice saying it was open....strange.

We found out via a message left on the system from our hotline provider that they moved us to a new computer system and for us to double check our greeting message for accuracy. It wasn't. They posted our "open" message by mistake.  Dang... Sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this caused.

So the burning questions is still - "When do they open?".

The answer: When they thaw out and then dry out. We still have snow/frozen trail in sections. Yes it will be in the 60s and sunny this weekend and hopefully this will rid the mud.

Thanks for your patience.

Jay Wilkes

Pres- SORBA Woodstock