Freeze/Thaw Season is here! Trail Closure will be in Effect!

Get your ride in this weekend if you can! Starting Monday, Dec 6 the weather forecast calls for a cold wave across the area. Temps will barely break 40 in the day and get down to the low 20s at night. This will create the first freeze/thaw cycles of the year.

Trails at Blankets Creek and Taylor Rahdahl will be closed starting Monday, Dec 6th and remain closed until deemed suitable to ride. This is typically not until the nightly temps have not fallen below freezing. These is still a lot of moisture in the trailbeds from the rain spell we receivied earlier this week.

For those newbies not familiar with freeze/thaw cycles, click here for more information. 

Riding the trails during freeze/thaw cycles severely destroy the trailbed and require hundreds of hours of volunteer time to repair.

Please remind yourself to call the hotline at 770-621-5015 or check the website on the left of the main page for trail status. Even if it's a warm sunny day and it hasn't rained for a week doesn't mean the trail is open. The freeze/thaw season will be in affect until spring of next year. The best thing to do is program the SORBA Woodstock hotline number into your cell phone and remember to call and check before you drive.

Thanks for your support and cooperation! Let's keep our fingers crossed that this winter will not be as bad as last years!