Blankets Status: Still Closed

As you know, the terrain at Blankets has a lot of sun/shade areas. The shady coves are still frozen today. They will become a mess if the trail is opened.  We are still stuck in this cycle of heavy cold rains and cold temps. When the sun does get out to dry it, nightly temps fall below freezing. It's a no win situation.

Please respect the closed gate. There are only a handful of volunteers and we are trying to work on a new 2 mile Expert trail across the creek as well as a nice extended downhill on Dragon's trail (inspired by Dupont's Ridgeline trail) and we can't do that when folks are jumping the gate rutting out the existing trail. Our time will have to get diverted there to fix it. Please help out and pass the message to call the hotline/check website before showing up and stay off!

Thanks for your support,

Jay Wilkes