Lake Allatoona is starting to recede! Damage is massive!

Good news is the lake is starting to drop. It crested to 853.25 ft yesterday afternoon. This morning it's at 853.00 ft. Hopefully, we don't get anymore significant rain. We are spending this weekend building a punch list (on the trails we can get to right now).

Obviously, Take a Kid MTB day on Oct 3rd has been canceled due to Mosquito Flats and Bite having sections underwater and missing half their footbridges. We will hopefully be spending that Oct 3/4 weekend rebuilding with a major workparty. Tentatively, mark your calendars for one of the days to help! More details to come.

WARNING! I know most folks are anxious to see the damage, but there are major safety issues out there right now. Sections of VMT are missing/gone, creek crossings are now 2 foot ditches and sinkholes have appeared IN the trailbed. PLEASE STAY OFF!

Here are pictures Bill Blount, our comm/marketing director captured yesterday afternoon of the steel bridge at it's higher water level...Amazing!

Steel Bridge at 853.25 ft (look at the Zen Garden underwater)

Close up of the Steel Bridge rails