Lake Allatoona Still Rising - Trails are Underwater!

Now that the rivers are cresting, Allatoona is filling up. Last night Allatoona rose 8.33 ft to 850.48 feet. That is 10.5 feet over summer full pool. Even worse is the Etowah River hasn't seen it's full crest and will continue to dump water into Allatoona for days filling it up more.

The last major Allatoona flooding event was after Hurricane Ivan in 2004 when Allatoona crested at 849.20. This has beat that record.

With that being said, we have sections of all major trails underwater. Dwelling, VMT, South Loop and Mos Bite are all affected.

With Rome being flooded as well, my prediction is that the lake will sit at this level for a week before the COE will start draining it.

The trails will be closed until the lake recedes. Meanwhile, we are organizing upcoming work parties to clean up. Stay tuned for details. 


Current state of the Steel Bridge - This is not from storm runoff - this is how high the lake is now!