A River Runs Through It...

Blankets Creek that is. I did a recon mission yesterday afternoon to asses damage from the flooding rains. This was right after the Flash Flood Warning for Cherokee County went out. There is definitely going to be clean up involved. Numerous trees are uprooted from the soggy soil conditions and have fallen blocking trails. Reverse grads in trails are clogged with 3 inches of silt...and the worst is yet to come. No one can predict how much Allatoona is going to crest. We might be shut for a while with trails segments on South Loop, VMT and Mosquito Bite underwater.

Stay tuned to the website for more details. Here are randoms pics/videos from the floods:

Steel Bridge over Blankets


Look at how far the driftwood is up on the railings. The bridge was submerged to this level!



Blankets Creek Flood - Steel Bridge from jay wilkes on Vimeo.

 More Photos here in our Photo Gallery: