WANTED: Good folks needed for Trail Crew Leader Training

SORBA Woodstock needs folks like you to help build the upcoming Taylor Randahl Memorial Trails at Old Rope Mill Park in Woodstock. The City of Woodstock has graciously funded $150K to build out 10+ miles of this trail system. Our first trail, on the southside of Little River, will be an intermediate course built to handle MTB races. Estimated length is 5-6 miles long.

The timeline to build this course depends on two things: The number of volunteers and the number of skilled crew leaders to lead those volunteers. 

We will be hosting a Trail Crew Leader Training weekend of Aug 22/23. The total training course will consist of a two day event from 9am -3pm on both Saturday, August 22nd and Sunday, August 23rd.

If you ever wanted to get involved and help leave an impact of building the trails you love, now is the time!

Classes will be conducted near Blankets Creek by Walt Bready, GA Trail Specialist. SORBA Woodstock is paying for the books, class and materials needed. All we need is you!

Course Descriptions are as follows. You will need both days (all 4 sessions) to become a certified crew leader:

Day #1 (Saturday, 8/22) -

Session one: Trail Design and Layout

The AM classroom portion will cover all aspects of how to properly design and layout a trail. We will discuss issues on how to avoid erosion, user conflicts, and impact problems through design. It will give you a good working knowledge of what causes trails to erode through water/soil relationships.

Session two: Trail Construction

The PM classroom portion will cover corridor clearing for all types of use and proper trail tread construction. Different types of tread construction, cribbing and raised tread sections, switchbacks and a section on bridges and boardwalks are also included.

Day #2 (Sunday, 8/23)

Session three: Trail Maintenance

 The AM classroom portion will cover maintenance issues on well-designed and poorly designed trails. We will discuss how to make long-term repairs, and lower environmental impacts. Trail hardening materials and techniques along with rehabilitation of disused trails will also be covered.

Session four: Crew Leader Training

This final PM session will cover three portions; organizing the workday, selecting and getting your crew to the work site, overseeing the project and then returning to the trailhead. Safety and efficiency are the focus of this session. 

Please contact me at president@sorbawoodstock.org if you are interested in attending the two day course.

As always, thanks for your support!

Jay Wilkes

President - SORBA Woodstock