Great Group Ride

First off thank you to all for coming out and riding with us, you all were a great group and it was a blast meeting and riding with you.

We rode 16 miles, climbed 2,205ft, rode for 2:40 minutes, and were out on the trail for 4 hours.

22 Riders started with 20 finishing, 1 injury, 1 flat, 1 broken chain, and 4 or 5 minor spills.

For a number of you this was your first ride at Raccoon Mountain and I hope many more will follow. It was great to see everyone pushing themselves technically and physically now everyone should be able to ride our VMT trail with ease as I know for me it doesn't have the bite it did before our group ride.

Group Pre-Ride Breifing from Jeff Murchison on Vimeo.

Jay Wilkes (SORBA Woodstock President) briefs the 22 riders before the group ride of Raccoon Mountain