Annual Bike Patrol Class - Saturday, July 11th

SORBA Woodstock is looking for folks that would like to be a Bike Patrol Member for the club. Bike Patrol members are there to educate, assist and inform other trail riders at Blankets Creek. Primary responsiblities are to assist riders that get lost or injured, help fix minor bike mechanicals and answer general questions. If you aren't afraid of blood, can help someone fix a flat/chain and know Blankets like the back of your hand, then we could use your help.

We will be paying for a free CPR and First Aid class on Saturday, July 11th at the Cherokee County Rec Center next to Ridgewalk. The total class day will start at 8:30am and end around 3:30pm. We will teach the hour long IMBA Bike Patrol class at 8:30 followed by the CPR class and then the First Aid class. If you are already CPR/First Aid certified and this is your first time as a Bike Patrol member all you will need is the Bike Patrol class in the beginning and then you can leave. Same if you just need to recert your CPR.

The IMBA bike patrol annual membership is $50 and takes place of your regular $30 annual IMBA.SORBA membership (no need for both). With your membership you will receive free Bike Patrol swag from IMBA as well as big discounts from bike product retailers (like 30% of Turner bike frames). Once you pay the membership, show us your card when it arrives and the club will buy you a Bike Patrol jersey in return. More info on Bike Patrol here:

Please email me at if you are interested. Also let me know which of the three class parts (Bike Patrol, CPR and First Aid) you will need. We are paying for the CPR and First Aid up front so please don't commit and then not show. We will have to pay for you anyway.

Thanks and we appreciate your help on making our trails and club a great success!

Jay Wilkes
President - SORBA Woodstock