Blankets Creek - Freeze/Thaw Season is here!

 Our favorite time of year! Closed gates and trail poachers!

Time to start the flame seasons...the annual Griswald "I drove an hour and the gate was closed" arguments...Let me find a secret parking location and ride anyway...blah..blah..

Anyway, if you ride Blankets, please save the hotline number into your phone and call before you drive at all times. The number is 770-621-5015. We update the website/hotline religiously so please trust it.

I will tell you with the amount of moisture in the soil, we will have MORE closed days this year than normal. The first one will probably be this Sunday is if it gets down to 26 degrees after the Sat rain like they are predicting.

Since we get many complaints like " it's been sunny for days! Why is the trail closed?, let me give you the rule of thumb:

It doesn't matter if it has rained or not. With the amount of moisture in the soil, if the nightly temp drops into the high 20s or below, the trail WILL be closed the next day. It will be closed UNTIL we have a full day/night where the temp doesn't fall below freezing to allow it to thaw out. If the nightly temps get into the teens it will take multiple days of non-freezing nightly temps to allow it to thaw. Remember, if it freezes that night, the clock restarts.

Not trying to be a trail nazi about this, just trying to provide some education so you know the expectation.

Cross your fingers that it will be a warm winter.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Jay Wilkes

 President - SORBA Woodstock